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Wire Rope Fittings & Accessories

J & F Open Spelter Socket

J & F Galvanised Closed Spelter Socket

European Style Open Spelter Sockets

European Style Closed Spelter Sockets

Cast Steel Open Wedge Socket – WS

Aluminium Ferrules EN 13411 Part 3 – AF

GT Alloy Steel Swivel Hooks with Safety Catch – AHS

GT Alloy Steel Large Eye Hooks with Safety Catch – AHE

Commercial Wire Rope Grips Robur Type – WRGR

Commercial Wire Rope Grips Without Grooves – WRGC

Wire Rope Grips EN 13411 Part 5 Type B – WRGUS

Wire Rope Grips EN 13411 – Part 5 Type A – WRGEN

Eureka Wirelock – EWL

Heavy Duty Tube Thimbles for Wire Rope – TUBE

Forged Steel Pennant Line Thimbles – TPL

Fibre Rope Towing Thimbles – TFR

Commercial Pattern Thimbles – TC

Heavy Duty US Fed Spec Thimbles – TUS

BS 464/EN 13411-1 Wire Rope Thimbles – TBS